For years, our Founder Greg Cooper had dreamt of starting his own business where he could maintain the culture he had been so lucky to help build and be part of at the company he thought he would go on to retire at. He had built up a reputable name where even the competitors in the industry knew of him and his ability to win business and above all make long term powerful relationships. The company he loved and helped build had grown so large it was becoming difficult to recognize. One day he lifted up his head from the grind and realized in order to maintain the momentum and culture that was once part of his daily routine and the life force that made him and his colleagues genuinely excited to get up and go to work was no longer present. He recognized the harsh reality that he couldn’t wait or rely on someone else to pave the way but instead had to go out and make it happen. He looked at what seemed to be countless opportunities but one, in particular, caught his attention. He was hired as their CRO but ultimately within days of being there full time he recognized what he had been told and what was really going on were two drastically different things. While coming to this realization in the midst of a global-wide pandemic and his wife having their third baby boy he knew he had to voice his concerns.

It became abundantly clear that the driving force that Greg decided to join the company was no longer a real possibility. He wouldn’t be able to provide the environment, culture, experience, or growth to all of those he intended to create opportunities for. He and the company parted ways. Shortly after that, an opportunity presented itself to potentially acquire the assets of FunnelAI. It was then (after receiving authorization from his wife) he decided to do whatever was necessary in order to seize the opportunity. He immediately reached out to the same colleague and friend who had originally introduced him to the company. Adam Maher had run the other side of the business at DealerSocket, a company they had both come from and started discussing working together once again. Adam could not resist and told Greg even though Adam had experience running a company and being a CEO, he felt and knew Greg was the leader to be the CEO of SocialMiningAi. Between the two of them, they had relationships, knowledge, and first-hand experiences to take the technical assets of the previous company mixed with their expertise and industry knowledge to adapt, enhance, and apply all of what they had learned while working together at DealerSocket.

Although FunnelAI had a great concept, that is largely what Greg and Adam were starting with. A strong foundational tech platform with potential and an incredible conceptual journey. However, the true meat behind a startup and engine left running it, was largely missing. They have since been working night and day to line everything up in order to prepare for launch – they are now ready for take-off. It seemed that Greg Cooper and Adam Maher were the missing puzzle pieces to take the solid technology foundation and build onto it. This would ensure that not only could the technology work for the automotive space, but now it would BELONG to the automotive space. With the ability to take the core of the AI piece into other verticals.

‍With, SociaMiningAi they have been able to realize the journey is the goal not the destination. They are genuinely excited to bring the world’s most cutting edge technology such as deep learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, neural networks, machine learning, and conversational AI, all to the automotive space first and then far beyond. They recognize dealers, in general, are early adopters and are passionate about great technology. They are also fully aware the industry is swiftly changing and the need to stay on top of the world’s “Need it NOW” mentality is more relevant than ever. The landscape with the growing online communication networks and social media sites is a field unmanageable without intervention and innovation for any size company. Greg & Adam are driven to afford the automotive space, the experience, real AI, rather than the flippant use of a buzzword most vendors in the space are using, can actually do when put to use.

Both Greg and Adam had the exact same goal. They both wanted to create a safe place for talented people to come be part of something that was bigger than themselves and work towards building the culture they came to love and both thrive in. An old purpose rang true more than ever before and they both wanted to live by the purpose that was preached in their previous organization, DealerSocket, before it was unrecognizable. They wanted to drive ”the progression of individuals through meaningful relationships!”



Greg “Coop” Cooper | Founder and CEO

Greg is the Founder and CEO of SocialMiningAi. Prior to his stay at the helm, he was the CRO of FunnelAI – a Natural Language Processing Artificial Intelligence company. Greg was previously the VP of Sales at DealerSocket leading them through expansive growth, successful investment, and partnership from Vista Equity Partners. Greg or “Coop” as his friends refer to him is highly motivated by creating long-term relationships and love to help his people. He is a family man and is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a father. He certainly doesn’t take it for granted because he and his lovely wife Amy were told they would never have children of their own. Just some of the many things the Cooper Family has fought through side by side.

He is a great steward of the business – his leadership is unprecedented. He is the right leader for SocialMiningAi.

Suman Poluri | CTO | Product and Engineering

With over 19 years of experience architecting and building mission-critical and scalable applications across various domains, technologies, and platforms, Suman joined the SocialMiningAi team to lead their engineering efforts. He holds a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering, and has previously led engineering teams in India and in the US. He had previously launched and ran a social commerce startup, and has been involved in tech startups for the better part of the last decade. He was also instrumental in architecting & developing the products and integrations formerly at FunnelAI, which was acquired by SocialMiningAi.

He also currently runs the popular Austin Startup Meetup in Austin, TX, which is one of the largest active startup communities in Texas with over 4500 members.

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