FunnelAI Becomes Integrated Partner with VinSolutions

The new partnership will allow for real-time customer acquisition between the two automotive solutions, giving mutual clients an advantage in acquiring new customers or re-engaging existing customers in real-time.

San Antonio, Texas – May 5, 2020 – FunnelAI, a real-time revolutionary purchase-ready customer acquisition platform that uses artificial intelligence to turn social intent and web activity into prospects for businesses, today announced that it has become an integration partner in the VinSolutions Partner Program. 

Joining the VinSolutions Partner Program is a critical step forward for FunnelAI to provide dealerships, standalone or groups, and OEMs with their revolutionary real-time purchase-ready customer acquisition and enterprise business analytics platform solution. By accessing FunnelAI data seamlessly, reliably, and in real-time, FunnelAI can connect dealerships with new or existing customers who are or will be in the market for new or used cars, parts, and service options. 

This integration will be especially effective during these times, when the threat of COVID-19 has made leaders in the auto industry turn to digital retailing solutions. Now more than ever, it’s critical to meet your consumer where they are. By doing this, FunnelAI helps businesses within the auto industry achieve human-to-human connections that drive sales and generate growth.

“We are the industry-first in connecting businesses with prospective customers in real-time from social and digital platforms by finding high purchase intents using AI,”  stated Sri Kamma, CEO of FunnelAI. “We are more comprehensive than other existing listening tools and lead gen solutions, both in terms of technology and in scope. Our solutions work for every industry, but we are hyper-focused within the auto industry, where we connect various dealerships, auto manufacturers, e-commerce sites, auto financing & insurance companies with a wide ecosystem of auto customers needing a new car, used car, servicing, parts, aftermarket parts, insurance, and financing, among other needs.”

FunnelAI’s real-time solutions include: 

  • Customer acquisition from social and digital platforms, community forums, and social sites. 
  • In-App communication capability between our app and multiple digital platforms including forums and social media.
  • Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) for businesses to proactively engage their customers based on their life events or purchase intent.
  • Unique and specific preferences of all prospective customers, including location-based analytics.

“This collaboration will help dealers achieve their dual goals of better connecting with customers and improving efficiency and productivity.” 

About VinSolutions 

As the provider of Connect CRM, a leading dealership customer relationship management system, VinSolutions helps more than 5,000 dealers make every connection count. VinSolutions products integrate dealership systems, processes and tools to deliver a single view of the customer across the business – so dealers can focus on building relationships throughout the sales cycle. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Mission, Kansas, VinSolutions fosters dealership success by providing a fully customizable suite of solutions, including equity mining, market pricing and desking tools, combined with the continuous, personal support of a designated Performance Manager. VinSolutions is OEM certified by every major manufacturer and is Autosoft, CDK, Reynolds & Reynolds and Dealertrack DMS certified. VinSolutions is a Cox Automotive™ brand.


About FunnelAI: 

FunnelAI was founded in 2017 with the vision to help businesses acquire customers in real-time by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Their mission is to increase growth for businesses by pushing the boundaries of technology using big and open data for next-generation conversational marketing and sales solutions. They offer a true AI-based, deep learning & machine-language technology to automate business processes from finding prospects, hyper-targeting customers who only have high intent to purchase, to knowing a customer’s journey for a proactive and repeated engagement. To learn more, please visit


Trademarks: FunnelAI™ are the registered trademarks of FunnelAI, Inc.

FunnelAI Media Contact:

Esme Araiza



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