FunnelAI Launches Newly Designed App

Real-time customer acquisition software company, FunnelAI, announces the launch of its newly redesigned app at NADA.


SAN ANTONIO – FunnelAI, a real-time, purchase-ready customer acquisition platform that uses artificial intelligence to turn social intent and web activity into prospects for businesses, is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned app.

FunnelAI can connect various dealerships, OEMs, e-commerce sites, automotive financing and insurance companies with a wide ecosystem of customers in need of a new car, used car, servicing, parts, aftermarket parts, insurance or financing. FunnelAI’s real-time solutions include:

  • Real-time Customer acquisition from social and digital platforms, community forums and social sites.
  • In-app communication capability between the FunnelAI app and multiple digital platforms including forums and social media.
  • Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) for businesses to proactively engage with their customers based on their life events or purchase intent.
  • Personalized communication with engagement tools to curate audiences with purchase intent and communicate with them with relevant information.
  • Analytics for OEMs to understand about their products, parts or servicing needs of their customers in real-time.

The latest app features an updated design with an improved user experience and better functionality with FunnelAI’s suite of tools.

Since 2017, FunnelAI has provided users with artificial intelligence-powered solutions that aim to connect businesses in the auto industry with prospects who are looking for auto-related products and services on digital platforms.

“Thank you to our very supportive customers who had been providing feedback over time and helped us build the next-gen and disruptive product for them in the auto industry,” said Sridhar Kamma, CEO at FunnelAI. “We incorporated customer feedback and launched new functionality to help dealerships and brands connect with their customers in real-time and proactively engage with existing customers to build strong relationships they have been unable to do with other products or software. We are excited to start the year off strong with a newly designed app that will continue to help our customers grow. Our new design will help facilitate stronger relationships between our users and their prospective and current customers. Its modern and responsive design is ideal for our clients who are on-the-go, providing them 24/7 access to new customers from traditionally untapped sources.”

About FunnelAI:
FunnelAI was founded in 2017 with the vision to help businesses acquire customers in real-time by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Their mission is to increase growth for businesses by pushing the boundaries of technology using big and open data for next-generation conversational marketing and sales solutions. They offer a true AI-based, deep learning, and machine-language technology to automate business processes from finding prospects and personalized-content to connecting with customers who only have high intent to purchase, to knowing a customer’s journey for a proactive and repeated engagement. To learn more, please visit

Trademarks: FunnelAI™ are the registered trademarks of FunnelAI, Inc.

FunnelAI Media Contact:
Esme Araiza

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