The Art of Listening in the Digital Age: What Auto Marketers Need to Know

Business leaders should always try to empathize with their customers. COVID has caused a difficult time for many Americans and it’s important to stay aware of that. This is the time to build relationships and get to know your customers and their situation. What you build now, will serve you in the long run. Businesses in the auto industry need long-term planning rather than short term insights. 

So, how can the auto industry understand their customers’ status, build a long-term customer acquisition strategy, and help people in need right now

Intelligent tools that provide real-time info on your customers can give you those answers. Many of your customers are looking for information in so many ways using digital platforms. More and more consumers are conducting online research well before they even step foot in a showroom.

Truly, customer acquisition should be a strategy for everything from a product to a service. Which manufacturer, dealer, or marketing agency wouldn’t want to reach out to the following potential customers;  those who need servicing, a new lease, are looking for incentives, or are just looking for help from dealerships.

At FunnelAI™, we use truly intelligent solutions and machine learning tools to find these open-minded shoppers. We leverage thousands of public online posts, including our very own platforms and sources, to connect businesses with prospects in real-time. True real-time. We look for prospective customers and your current customers who have exhibited buying signals.

Imagine a mechanism that allows you to connect with customers right away by helping them. You can start building your community this way. Take a look at what consumers need right now.

See some examples of possible real-time connections with your potential consumers via our app and product. FunnelAI™’s intelligent tools determine which questions are related to service, parts, leasing, or other intents. You must cultivate the art of listening to your customers in the digital age. It begins here in online communities:

  • Office Hours: Are the dealerships open in my location?

  • Need Servicing: Are dealerships considered essential businesses? Are service centers open since my car needs servicing?

  • End of Lease/ Looking for New Car:

  • Incentives to buy a car:

  • How are car manufacturer’s helping or getting through their consumers irrespective whatever the situation is?

  • I need parts:

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