Poised for Growth: The Diversity of Marketing

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.”

                                                                                                       – Peter F. Drucker

How do you “hear what isn’t said” in your business? How do you hear what your customers want before you even talk with them? It starts with the diversity of marketing. Diversity in the message, diversity in the method, diversity in your audience, and last but not least, diversity in the tools and channels you use to reach your customers. Why is this so important? Because when you market to reach a broad customer base, you need to use every tool available to you. 

At FunnelAI, we recognize that all of our clients are not the same. Therefore, we provide them with a product they can utilize to reach out and connect with customers of every age, race, gender, ethnicity, beliefs, disability, and sexual identity.

FunnelAI’s magic is working. Our most successful clients are incorporating FunnelAI’s products into their monthly marketing strategy, for sales, service and so much more. The result? Increased sales and service opportunities, deeper connections with customers, and higher retention rates through personalized engagement. There are tons of tools and apps out there, but here’s why you want FunnelAI™ in your toolkit.

1.  Make Your Ad Spend More Effective

FunnelAI™ can be as valuable as a marketing agency by focusing on intent. Our AI technology, Aingine® , looks through millions of social posts to identify prospective customers with high intent to purchase in real-time. Aingine® uses machine learning based in natural language processing (NLP) and image recognition to identify a potential lead.

Amid the pandemic, auto industry leaders are cutting down their marketing budgets and finding that sales are picking up. Some of our clientele, such as the auto industry dealerships, have realized how much they can get done with just one tool that does it all. Other dealerships across the country are coming to the same conclusion.

“Many dealerships are reevaluating how they advertise – not just how much they spend and on which platforms, but whether that investment ultimately produces sales,” according to an article from Automotive News. “Longer term, more dealerships will look for advertising efficiencies — better results at a lower cost — out of necessity for the bottom line,” some consultants said.

By focusing on understanding what a customer wants, FunnelAI™ is able to capture customers in real-time, at the moment they express their intent – to buy a vehicle, to sell their vehicle, express the need for service, or looking for a particular part.  FunnelAI™ will harness the conversation and share the intent of the consumer.

2.  Enhance the Marketing Experience for Your Customers

FunnelAI™ serves the auto industry as a complement to digital ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Instead of taking a broad untargeted approach to marketing, you can connect with a market-ready consumer with confirmed interest in a specific vehicle, feature, or service.

We discover prospective customers who are market-ready from a wide range of digital sources including social media platforms, online forums and discussion boards. This differentiates us from marketing agencies, social media platforms, and any other ad services, giving us an edge over our competitors. Often ads target those who are likely to buy, but FunnelAI™ targets those who have expressed an interest and expressed an intent to buy.  

Our goal at FunnelAI™ is to help businesses achieve growth through the power of artificial intelligence. We currently serve the auto industry, with plans of expanding into many other industries. When companies embrace AI technology and tools, like FunnelAI™, they are able to harness their customers’ social conversation sources and build a relationship that will pay dividends in the future.

3.  Anticipate Your Customers’ Needs

At FunnelAI™, we give you the opportunity to focus on each one of your customers through our Customer Lifecycle Management product. This dashboard monitors your existing customer base for important life events so you can anticipate their needs. You are able to communicate with them directly on our app at a time and in a manner that will reinforce a lifetime relationship by congratulating them on events like a job promotion, new baby, or graduation in a sincere and personalized communication.

FunnelAI™ focuses on events that trigger high purchase intent, taking a step beyond predictive analytics by catching your customers when they communicate their intent to do business or when major life events may create needs your business can fulfill. They will remember that your business was the one that noticed their important event, especially if you go beyond sending a generic “Happy Birthday” email. 

Our tool is more effective than the social media marketing ads you utilize. It is time to use your customers’ data so they can receive a personalized ad experience.

4. Take Control of Your Data

FunnelAI™ does not take any private information or infringe on our customer’s private data. Therefore, you do not have to rely on our platform for your customers, as you would on other social media platforms. 

As we have seen in the recent Facebook ad boycott, and other antitrust dialogue over technology companies using consumers’ data for profit, many major corporations have joined the dialogue for a fairer use of data and need for privacy. One way to be ahead of this curve is to implement products such as FunnelAI™ to enhance your marketing experience and reevaluate your ad spend. You’ll own and protect your customer’s data in a way that also allows you to engage with your customers via personalized messages and ads based on their needs.

At FunnelAI™, diversity is forefront in our business at so many levels, however the ideas we bring to market and the technology we build are what make us unique in the market and provide an advantage over our competitors. Coupling our AI technology with our diversity of marketing is dynamic, innovative, and futuristic. AI tools are the future, and if businesses invest in them now, they will be more successful in the long-run and ahead of the competition every step of the way. 

If you are interested in learning more about how FunnelAI™ can enhance your marketing experience through our AI products, email us for a demo! Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up-to-date on all things FunnelAI™.


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