Vision of the Impossible: Awareness of AI

Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, machine learning – whatever you’re doing, if you don’t understand it – you’re going to be a dinosaur in three years.”  Mark Cuban

Last week, FunnelAI announced a new partnership with the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii).  This is exciting news for us because the partnership will expedite FunnelAI’s high-tech innovation and grow our complex AI SaaS platform with easy-to-use tools that will benefit your business. As part of this collaboration, we bring you our Vision of the Impossible series to help you understand AI, how it can fuel your growth, and how AI makes the impossible…possible. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

According to an article by AI consultant, Raj Shroff, artificial intelligence involves training computers to complete activities that have traditionally required human intelligence. This requires creating algorithms to classify, analyze, and create predictions from data. It then allows the following activities: acting on data, learning from new data, and then improving on these actions over time. 

AI, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies allow computers to be trained to accomplish specific tasks by processing large amounts of data and recognizing patterns in the data.  Most AI examples that you hear about today – from chess-playing computers to self-driving cars – rely heavily on deep learning and natural language processing.

Why is Artificial Intelligence Important?

Below are the six reasons why artificial intelligence is important, according to

  1. AI learns and discovers by going through data. AI is able to quickly perform high-volume tasks reliably and repeatedly. Human intelligence is still needed to set up this type of system, though. 
  2. AI gives products more intelligence. Some of the products you use now will be improved with AI capabilities, like Spotify introducing personalized playlists for each of their listeners. 
  3. AI adapts as it learns. When AI is given new data, it can continue to adapt. If the first answer isn’t right, it will keep training until it gets the correct answer.
  4. AI goes through deep data. With the introduction of big data, systems that were impossible just five years ago are now becoming a reality. The more data AI is able analyze, the more accurate it gets.
  5. AI has astonishing accuracy. With the help of neural networks, AI can complete a task with the same accuracy as a highly trained human.
  6. AI pulls the most important answers from data. AI is crucial for many businesses to gain a competitive advantage. Many answers to your most pressing business problems are found in your data, but you’ll need AI to discover them. The company with the best data will win because they will truly understand the industry and their consumers.

Tools that leverage AI will give you a competitive edge over your competitors and keep you ahead in your industry. With the help of AI, companies can improve customer experience, augment customer and employee performance, automate work processes, and develop intelligence that will help improve repetitive business processes. 

AI tools are the future and businesses that invest now will be more successful in the long-run. AI will allow your everyday work activities to be completed by innovative programmed machine technology, improve strategic planning, enhance your effectiveness, and improve efficiency. 

The Competitive Advantage & FunnelAI™

FunnelAI™ provides you the best real-time data in an easy to use application that allows you to identify customers at the exact moment they are open to engage about the product or services you provide.  Our AI-based, deep learning, and natural language processing technology simplifies what currently is a tedious process by identifying consumers with high purchase intent and providing you a simple way to engage them on the social platform of their choice. Think of it as an online search engine for consumers with high purchase or engagement intent.  FunnelAI’s deep learning has the ability to provide the same understanding of social intent as your employees, allowing your business to provide proactive engagement in an efficient and effective way.

Our AI technology, Aingine® , is the backbone of our application by searching millions of social posts and brings them to you in real-time. Aingine® uses machine learning based in natural language processing (NLP) and image recognition to identify consumers that are ready to be engaged.  Our technology is designed to understand what a customer wants, and capture their intent at the moment it is expressed – to buy a vehicle, to sell their vehicle, express the need for service, or looking for a particular part, or just needing an answer to a question regarding a brand or product you offer.  We harness the conversation and share the intent of the consumer in real-time and provide a high-level aggregated view of your market through our analytics.

FunnelAI™ is driven by our mission – to help your business achieve the growth you desire by using AI to harness the power of digital communication and bring it directly to your fingertips. Currently our largest customer base is within the auto industry, however we are actively engaging with several other industries. 

FunnelAI™ SaaS platform provides your business with four key benefits: 1) a way to discover conversations outside of traditional social media sites  – providing you the ability to know what is going, and being said,  in your market and about your business;  2) an easy and agile platform that allows you to engage and join digital conversations with consumers in real-time and on the social media platform the conversation is taking place; 3) an analytics dashboard that provides a high-level, real-time view of your industry, specific business, and consumer intent within your market – our market vision dashboard allows for both a high-level view with drill down capabilities that will take to the consumer post that is making up the aggregate data, and 4) the ability to be aware of potential customer’s life events and also your own customer’s life events in real-time – allowing you to build a genuine relationship at a time that builds trust and confidence in your business.

Interested in learning more about FunnelAI™ and the benefits we provided businesses like yours? Then email us for a quick 30-minute demo! 

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