Vision of the Impossible: Collaboration Will Change the World

“It is the long history of humankind that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” Charles Darwin

As part of FunnelAI™’s partnership with the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii), we bring you the second segment of our Vision of the Impossible series.  

If you missed out on part one, you can read it here.

We live in a complex world, where situations can change in a matter of seconds. To keep up with this dynamic environment, you must learn the art of collaboration. Our team knows that  partnerships, collaboration, and innovation are key to our success, so we work hard at it everyday.

FunnelAI™ focuses on pushing boundaries together with other innovative organizations in order to provide the industries we serve with the most disruptive and cutting-edge products. Our partnership with Amii demonstrates how we are gearing up so that we can provide better solutions to today’s market challenges. Together, we will enhance and expand AI adoption with intelligent, simple tools. 

Amii, a World Leader in AI Scientific Advancement

Amii is a world leader in AI scientific advancement. Located in Alberta, Amii is one of Canada’s three centers of AI excellence. The non-profit partners with companies that build in-house AI capabilities. The team at Amii is breaking barriers everyday through research, education and project management. 

Amii tailors its services to meet the specific needs of the companies they partner with. FunnelAI™’s partnership with Amii will provide core AI models and the social selling and engagement platform with unique and custom enhancements to increase the intelligence and functionality. This partnership is the first step in FunnelAI™’s strategic plan to headquarter and grow its machine learning (ML) team in Canada.

FunnelAI™, the Industry’s Leading Semantic Search Platform

FunnelAI™ offers the industry’s first intelligent real-time semantic and behavioral intent search, discovery, and engagement platform. Our mission is to harness the intent of millions of social conversations, making the information easy to use by our automotive customers with categorized data provided seamlessly to their fingertips in real-time. FunnelAI customers then use this information to engage with consumers and analyze competitive market data.  

Our cutting-edge and patent-pending technology identifies consumer conversations regarding high-purchase intentions in real-time. We use artificial intelligence to do the tedious and mundane activities which generate improved efficiency, data, and resources for business leaders…allowing for better business decisions. This technology earned FunnelAI the ‘Innovator of the Year Award’ by globally renowned AI Tech World in 2019 for our Natural Language Processing Technology. 

What is Natural Machine Learning (NLP) you ask? NLP is the specialized computer science field that teaches computers or machines to understand human language through continuous training by using oral or written language. Computer or Machine training is accomplished through the following processes:

  • Signal Processing – Verbal language to text
  • Semantic Processing – Identifies the meaning of words
  • Syntactic Processing – Understand sentence structure
  • Pragmatics Processing – Ties understanding of not just words but sentences
Why Collaboration is Important in the World of AI

According to an article from, companies that prioritize collaboration and innovation   improve the public’s understanding and perception of AI. When AI technology is developed in a way that brings humans and businesses together, AI tools will find greater acceptance and maximized value.

As the adoption of AI products grows, the rate of acceptance will be determined by how comfortable users and customers are with working alongside the technology. FunnelAI and Amii’s partnership will quickly improve the platform’s accuracy and intelligence. We understand the benefits of AI; and have seen firsthand the improvement in business performance that work with AI, rather than without it.  

A few of our partnership goals with Amii are to:

  • Improve the intelligence and accuracy of our AI models to create more efficient and accurate performance and market analytics
  • Improve flexibility to increase depth of knowledge and create custom analytics with macro and micro level data and reporting tools.
  • Expedite the expansion of our streamlined search and engagement platform to other industries currently under development.  
Building a Thriving Global Business – Together.

Both Amii and FunnelAI™ are dynamic, innovative, and customer-focused organizations. Amii empowers companies to leverage AI and ML as productivity solutions and as a competitive advantage in world markets. They provide skilled talent needed to build solutions for the most critical challenges facing businesses and leaders in today’s business world. FunnelAI™’s partnership with Amii has helped them add two skilled individuals specializing in ML to their product development team.

Our partnership challenges us to rethink AI and how we can enhance our customers’ businesses.  The future is changing daily and the “new norm” is unknown, so we ask ourselves the following question, “How do we provide our customers the tools needed to handle the current consumer communication disruption that is underway?”

Through powerful research and development, innovation and collaboration. FunnelAI™ and Amii are working together to advance the development of state-of-the-art technologies for the automotive industry. Both of their goals are to ensure their customers thrive in any situation.

As an expert in AI, Amii bridges the technology gap by providing FunnelAI with expertise and  cutting edge processes in technology development by providing thought leaders from the University of Alberta to the team. This partnership was a strategic initiative for FunnelAI™, championed by co-founder, Suja Kamma, a Canadian resident and alumni of the University of Alberta. Her expertise in healthcare, strategy, and developing and implementing AI business tools was critical for FunnelAI™ in solidifying such a strategic partnership. This partnership expedites FunnelAI™’s global expansion to Canada and other countries.

For more information on the partnership between FunnelAI™’ and Amii, check out the press release here

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